Street art in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, December 2018

Poetry connects you to yourself, to the self that doesn’t know how to talk or negotiate

Rita Dove

Poetry is the power of defining the indefinable in terms of the unforgettable

Louis Untermeyer

My recent work with the MIDEQ Hub has brought me into contact with some new ways of thinking about the world and doing my research. Most recently I’ve discovered poetry to be an effective way of downloading my ideas, not least because poems often capture the underpinning emotions and feelings rather than being rooted in the materiality of people and place. Sometimes I feel able to say more in a short poem written in a matter of minutes than I do in a blog on which I’ve worked hard adding ‘evidence’ for days, almost as a way of legitimatising what I think or feel to others. So this page contains links to different forms and ways of expressing how I feel about the very many complex, sometimes beautiful, often painful issues with which I come into contact through my work – and in life more generally.

The dead beneath our feet – a visit to Elmina Castle in Ghana, February 2019

Bend like the trees – an ode to resilience in difficult days